Social Movements and Europeanization

دانلود کتاب Social Movements and Europeanization

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دانلود کتاب جنبش های اجتماعی و اروپایی شدن

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زبان : English

موضوع : Other Social Sciences

نویسندگان : Donatella della Porta Manuela Caiani

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ISBN (شابک) : 0199557780, 9780199557783

تعداد صفحات : 240\230

سال نشر : 2009     ویرایش :

حجم : 990 kB       فرمت : pdf

قیمت : 2000 تومان

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Table of contents :
Contents......Page 8
List of Figures......Page 10
List of Tables......Page 11
List of Abbreviations......Page 13
1. Social Movements and Europeanization: An Introduction......Page 16
1.1. Social movement studies and Europe......Page 21
1.2. Social movements and multilevel governance......Page 25
1.3. Framing Europe/s......Page 33
1.4. Studying Europeanization from below: research design, sources, and methods......Page 40
1.5. About this volume......Page 49
2.1. Milk quotas and the domestication of protest......Page 52
2.2. Protest and the European public sphere......Page 57
2.3. How much do social movements and NGOs take part in the public (mass-media) discourse on Europe?......Page 62
2.4. Framing Europe in domestic debates......Page 70
2.5. Which Europe? What do civil society actors mean when they talk about Europe?......Page 75
2.6. Networking on European issues—What is the place of social movements?......Page 78
2.7. Conclusion. How domestication favours transnational processes—back to the protest on the milk quota......Page 94
3.1. The Stop Bolkestein campaign and the externalization of protest: an introduction......Page 97
3.2. Civil society and the EU: setting the context......Page 101
3.3. Organizing for targeting the EU......Page 111
3.4. How to influence Europe: movement strategies in addressing EU institutions......Page 118
3.5. Civil society in broader (conflictual) networks......Page 125
3.6. Externalization and the framing of Europe......Page 130
3.7. The EU as coral reef for movements? Back to the protest against the Bolkestein directive......Page 140
4.1. EU counter-summits and European Social Forums: an introduction......Page 144
4.2. Eventful protests in Europe......Page 150
4.3. Networks of networks: relational mechanisms......Page 153
4.4. Critical Europeanists? The cognitive mechanisms......Page 159
4.5. Intense European protests: the emotional mechanisms......Page 173
4.6. A European social movement: how protest produces structures and frames......Page 178
5. Euro-sceptics or Critical Europeanists? Some Conclusions......Page 182
Appendix......Page 199
List of Quoted Interviews......Page 202
References......Page 208
E......Page 228
N......Page 229
W......Page 230

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